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5v5 Draft Week 2 Write-Ups

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The Lost Boys vs The Reboot

The Lost Boys found themselves this week with a statement win against The Reboot. The Lost Boys put on a clinic in this game. Andre’s pick swapping with Jamil during the draft definitely paid off for them in this game. Aidan was unguardable/unguarded. I’m not sure which one it was since they switched the person guarding him multiple times, but he continued to get wide open looks. Drew led all players with 11 rebounds and had an efficient 19 points on his way to his first double-double of the season. Ryan has a scary fall in the second half going up for a rebound with Jamil. Luckily, he was alright and able to lead his team with 24 points, 9 rebounds.

This game was not pretty and it was not a good week for everyone but Rich and Jamil. The rest of the team combined for just 9 points. Ghost was missing his patented mid-range jumpers. Chris Whitney missed several good looks as well. I love Drew’s hustle on the boards but there is no way Drew should ever out rebound Chris Whitney let alone get twice as many. I’m going to chalk this one up to just a bad night for now. Hopefully they’ll be able to reboot for the next game.

Final Score: The Lost Boys win 81-53 

Player of the game: Aidan Enright



Ok so with Jamil playing the late game, I thought this one would have a little less Jawing to start…I was wrong.  However it wasn’t between teams.  Emmanuel quickly got T’d up just a couple minutes in to the game, and continued to talk with the ref (whose name is Justbelieveme - fact).  At one point Justbelieveme saw an Eye Roll from Emmanuel and exclaimed “yo you’re acting like a female.”  Entertainment AND basketball people.

On to the actual game. The basketball in the first 10 minutes could be described as shaky as best, as no one really went on a run or did anything special.  Halfway into the first half the score was sitting at 11-9 Miller Time.  A sweet play followed the halfway point with Ty getting a great steal, going to the length of the floor, trailed by Marcus who had a great finish at the rim.  Kyle on MT hit his first 3, but proceeded to miss his next 5. As soon as I wrote that he popped one from NBA range to hit his 2nd of the day.  But MT was cold overall, and was trailing 25-19 at the half.  Quick fashion note – I may be an old man, and I know the kids like the short shorts these days, but Ty’s shorts were shooooooort.  Like the size my 7 year old daughter wears.  Just saying bro - no one needs to see those upper thighs.

Quick stat note -  Kunal was 3/7 from at the half (didn’t attempt one in the 2nd half), but his 3’s were interesting.  Banked one in, a couple airballs.  But hey I’d take 3/7 any night.

Again the 2nd half started out pretty uneventful with BH seeing their lead peak at 8, only to go completely cold for a few minutes in a row.  With just over 10 to play, Alex Yuen sets up Kyle for a sweet dime, which ignited Kyle on a hot streak and also gave MT their first lead of the half at 36-35.  (And yes Alex looked over to make sure he got his assist).  Kyle would hit a few more as MT extended their lead to 8 with just 5 to go, and from there most of BH decided to call it a night.

Final score Miller Time 51 - Brick House 45

Player of the game: Would have definitely been Emmanuel if BH had gotten the win.  He did a little bit of everything to try and will his team to a victory. But honors go to Kyle Miller, who dropped 21 of his teams 51 on 5/11 shooting from 3.


GAME 3: Live ’95 vs The Swish Kebabs

Well rested after a week 1 bye, Live ’95 came out energized and ready to play. This might have been one of the better games I have seen from Marquis. He picked up right where he left off last season making his first 3 of the season. Slow starts plagued Marquis at times last season but that was not the case this season. He would have 16 of his eventual 28 points at halftime. His 2nd round draft pick, Jake Jobe, looks like he might be the steal of the draft (21 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals). The two of them look like they already have great chemistry and play well

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5v5 Draft Week 1 Write-Ups

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Week 1 in the books, and the basketball was actually way better than I would have expected!  Joe from Reboot had 4 o boards in the first 6 minutes of the game…..and missed 3 of the 4 putback attempts.  Hey gotta pad those stats!  10 Minutes in however it was Brick House who found themselves ahead 16-10 on the back on 4-6 shooting from deep.  Marcus was also cleaning up misses from Reboot, collecting 6 of his 8 d boards in the first half.  The game continued the same way until half where Brick House held a 25-21 lead.  Rich was keeping Reboot alive with a 12/7 first half.

Brick House couldn’t find the basket to start the 2nd half.  Jamil, after missing on his first 3 (or more) shot attempts of the day, hit a wide open 3, and started jawing a bit, giving Reboot their first lead of the night at 28-25.  Aron, who put up a blank 1st half stat line started to get going as well, with a sweet steal and coast to coast layup which bumped Reboot’s lead up to 40-29 with just 10 to play.

Brick House would push back, with Marcus having a great and-1 finish on Chris (but missed the FT) making it 40-35 with 8 left.  It went back and forth from here, with the lead teetering between 5-10.  Then Corey hit a 3, closing the gap to 48-44 with just 90 seconds left.  That would be the last bucket of the game for Brick House, and they eventually fell to Reboot by a final of 54-44.

Player of the game: Rich - A very ball dominant and volume based scorer, but he ended being efficient enough to get his team the win tonight, while filling up the stat line.  23pts, 10rb, 3stl, 2blk, 1 ast.  5/5 from the line.


The Swish Kebabs vs The Lost Boys


The Lost Boys started the game with a 1-point advantage due to an equipment violation on The Swish Kebabs (bring a CAC jersey). The Lost Boys began the game by clogging the paint on defense and were able to build a double digit first half lead. Cote and Nett were able limit Jacob’s impact in the paint. Nett’s jump shot was efficient all game. He was perfect 2-2 from three and it felt like he was 6-9 from 2. The Lost Boys would take 35-28 lead into half.

The Swish Kebabs did not start the game well. Jacob’s first two picks in the draft didn’t score in the first half. If it wasn’t for James Bohnaker’s hot shooting this game could have gotted out of hand before the second half. Not sure what was said at half time, but The Swish Kebabs were a completely different team in the second half. Early in the second half they would go on an 11-0 run to eventually take the lead. The game would be back and forth until the end.

The Swish Kebabs would be trailing in the final minute when two clutch 3s from Rafael allowed them to inch out a hard fought 2-point victory.

Player of the game: James Bohnaker. His jump shot kept them in the game in the first half and led the way during the 2nd half comeback.


Left, Right, Goodnight vs It’s Miller Time

This game was a lot closer than I thought it would be. What Miller Time lacks in size they make up for in hustle. It seemed like they got to every 50-50 ball and refused to go away and somehow ended up with more offensive boards than the larger LRG team. I can see this team being a pain in the ass to play against each week, but a lack of size will ultimately be their undoing. One thing we learned from the Millers, they love to take 3s. Kyle attempted 12 and Jacob attempted 7. Kyle only had one basket that wasn’t a 3.  

I was not impressed with the performance of LRG. They were able to eek out a win here, but it was not a strong showing for anyone not named Allen. Nika had a respectable but seemed to disappear at times. Before the game, I thought Nika and Allen would dominate the offensive boards but 0 combine offensive rebounds between the two of them isn’t going to cut it most nights. The rest of the team shooting an abysmal 2-15 from 3 didn’t help much either. If Allen wasn’t a bulldozer driving to the basket over and over again. I don’t see them winning this one. Allen will need more from his teammates going forward, but he was enough to carry them to victory.

Player of the game: Allen Williamson scoring just under half your teams points in a victory gets you the nod. 


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5v5 Draft Week 4 Write-Ups

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Game 1 – All the Smoke vs Motha Effect

Our Tuesday night games kicked off with a 63-49 Motha Effect win over All the Smoke. Both teams started off pretty slow offensively and All the Smoke had a ton of turnovers early in the game which allowed Motha Effect to take the lead and never look back. Jack C. for Motha Effect was doing the dirty work early and carrying his team in the first half until Nate G. started going and once he got going, he was unstoppable. All the Smoke pulled within 8 points going into halftime behind the big first half efforts Dainis D who had 16 of his teams first 29 points. Despite his huge offensive production, All the Smoke trailed Motha Effect 29-38 going into the second half.

After going on a 12-5 run to end the half, Motha Effect really struggled to put the ball in the basket at the start of the second half and only scored 3 points through the first 13 minutes of the concluding period. All the Smoke used this offensive lull to go on a 7-3 run to bring the them within 5 points with 14:32 left in the second. Unfortunately, this is the closest All the Smoke would get as Nate G. rattled off 14 points in the second half. He, Jeff M., and Kunal C. for Motha Effect all finished in double digits as only two players from All the Smoke finished with 10 or more points.


Game 2- Primetime 2.0 vs. Can’t Miss Keramaris

In the second game of our tripleheader, Can’t Miss Keramaris gave Primetime 2.0 everything they could handle and then some as they handed them a 79-53 blowout loss. Can’t Miss went up 10-2 early and forced Primetime to call an early timeout as they had gone down 2-15 with 15 minutes left in the first half. It is not for lack of effort however, Primetime was getting great shots at the rim but seemed as though there was a lid on their basket. Chris J. started to come alive late in the first half but no one could stop Jacob H. as he posted an 18 point 12 rebound double double in the first half. Despite going on a 10-1 run to close out the half, Primetime trailed 22-44 heading into the second half.

After an intense pump up speech from John M. and Chris J., Primetime came out firing on all cylinders putting together a 20-4 run to cut the deficit to 6 points. However, they had no match for the big guys on the class and got absolutely crushed on the O boards, giving up 17 that led to 20 second chance points. As much as Jacob H. did in the first half, it was Tommy S. that was the unsung hero of the second half for Can’t Miss. He stuffed the stat sheet with 17 points, 11 rebounds, 4 steals, 1 block, and 3 assists. This team was a lot of fun to watch and truly played team basketball!

Game 3 – Cambridge Rats vs. Victorious Secret

Game 3 brought a ton of emotions to the court as the Cambridge Rats took on Victorious Secret. There was a ton of back and forth this game, but ultimately Cambridge Rats pulled out the 72-67 win. Brian H. for Cambridge Rats came out absolutely smoking hot as he scored the first 8 of his teams points and went on to knock down four first half 3’s. Not only did his hot shooting get them an early lead but they were able to convert 6 offensive rebounds to 11 second chance points. As soon as Cambridge Rats started to pull away, Rich D. put the team on his back and really used his athleticism and length in both halves to finish around the basket. As soon as Victorious Secret would make runs, the Cambridge Rats sliced and diced the defense behind the vision of Marquis V. who finished the first half with 3 assists. Cambridge Rats 34, Victorious Secret 30.

As the second half started, you could sense that Victorious Secret was getting a little chippy with one another and the 10-5 run they started the half with, slowly dissipated as they started playing more individually. This turmoil within the team led to late careless TO’s in the half which equated to second chance points, miscommunications on screens in big moments, and poor shot selection. The saving grace for Victorious Secret was the ultra-smooth Ronnie C. who tried his best to keep his teammates head in the game late down the stretch. He was the ultimate teammate, leading vocally and by example, posting 18 points to end the game. Two huge 3’s from Marquis V. late in the game on bad communication on a ball screen put the nail in the coffin for Victorious Secret as they were scoreless in the last minute of the game.

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5v5 Draft Week 3 Write-Ups

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Week 3 - Write Up The Cambridge Rats VS. The Motha Effect

The Cambridge Rats came into this matchup undefeated, but unfortunately for them, that streak would come to an end after a fantastic battle between two teams very evenly matched teams. 

The first half was a back-and-forth affair, with neither team able to create any real breathing room. For the Cambridge Rats, Marquis led all scorers with 12 points in the first half, Alex B chipped in 8, and Shawn Wise made his presence felt on the defensive end with 3 steals and 1 block.

The Motha Effect led by Guzzi and Hamza would go into the half leading 34-30 and were really controlling the pace of the game. The most notable accomplishment of the Motha Effect was the defense played on Marquis. They were throwing body after body at him and did the most effective job of any team this season slowing him down.

Nika, Motha, and Hamza led them in scoring with 7 points each, as they went into the half with a lot of momentum on their side. 

The Mothat Effect led by their dynamic trio of Motha, Hamza, and Guzzi dominated the pace of the game in the second half, as they’d pull away from the Cambridge Rats and never look back. As a team, they all played well and controlled the pace of the game. 

Marquis would finish with 18 and Alex B would score 11, but no other players would achieve double-digit scoring as their offensive struggles continue. Nevertheless, this was a fantastic team victory for The Motha Effect, as they move to 2 - 1 on the season.

Week 3 - Write Up Victorious Secret VS. Can’t Miss Keramaris

Victorious Secret notches their second victory of the season behind MVP leader Rish DiSola. Rich would go on to score 30 points and grab 15 rebounds in a game against a very tough opponent in Can’t Miss Keramaris. 

Can’t Miss Keramaris led by Eric Li (19 points) would jump out to the early lead. Eric and Mazz continue to be a very potent backcourt combination, as they managed to dictate the pace very early on in this matchup. 

Despite their offensive prowess, Victorious Secret would go into the half leading 29 - 26. With both teams jockeying for the lead I knew this game would come down to final seconds. Eric Li was more assertive than I’ve ever seen him, scoring 6 consecutive points to put Can’t Miss Keramaris up one in the closing minutes, but it wasn’t enough as this battle was destined for OT. 

Ronnie and Chris B lead the way in OT for Victorious Secret combing for the first 4 points and Can’t Miss Keramaris never recovered.

Other notable performances include Ronnies 10 points, 2 steals, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. His clutch steal helped Victorious Secret force OT. Chris B was a steady presence on both ends of the floor, as he looks to be getting better week to week, Thomas Skates also had a fantastic game despite suffering the tough loss. Thomas had 7 points to go along with 14 rebounds, 7 of which were offensive.


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5v5 Draft Week 2 Write-Ups

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Week 2 - Write Up Victorious Secret VS. The Motha Effect

by Jamil

This was a fantastic matchup between 2 very talented teams that suffered tough week 1 losses. After struggling mightily in week 1, The Motha Effect had fantastic chemistry from the start. Nate Guzzi (25 points 6 rebounds, and 7 assists) and Nika (15 points and 14 rebounds) were the catalyst for the improved play.

Nate Guzzi was impactful on both ends of the court (2 steals and 2 blocks) and was extremely assertive in scoring the ball. Nika on the other hand, dominated the paint and the offensive glass to the tune of 6 offensive rebounds. I’ve watched him play over the past two sessions and this was by far the best I’ve ever seen him play. 

The Motha Effect would jump out to an early lead, in a game that looked posed to be an absolute blowout, but Victorious Secret wasn’t prepared to go out without a fight. #5v5Draft rookie Jonathan Allen (15 points, 3 steals, and 9 rebounds) played well despite his team trailing in the scoring column. Fellow Rookie Ron Cabeza would have a quiet first half, as he returned from injury but would eventually get it going.

The Motha Effect would go into the half leading 39 - 27 with no signs of slowing down. Motha (13 points and 10 rebounds) Kunal (10 points and 5 rebounds), and Hamza (9 points and 6 rebounds) would all contribute to a very convincing win for The Motha Effect, as they re-establish themselves as a championship contender and one of the top teams in this league.


Week 2 - Write Up The Cambridge Rats VS. Primetime 5.0

By Jamil

Both teams started off slow in this week 2 matchup. Ben Danzig (17 Points and 9 rebounds) got the offense rolling early for Primetime 5.0. His ability to score at all three levels was on full display as he would score in a variety of ways.

Marquis struggled mightly to start the game, but there was an unsung hero by the name of Steve Rakusin (15 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assists) that kept The Cambridge Rats within reach of the lead. Steve was incredible on both ends of the floor, but his 5 of 5 clip from three had to be a new personal best.

After some early struggles, Jacob Miller (22 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists) hit his groove midway through the first half and controlled the pace of the game. He had the three-ball dropping (3) and penetrated at will for easy scores. 

Primetime 5.0 would go into the half with the lead, but Marquis Victor (35 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, and 3 blocks) was saving his best for the second half. Marquis went on to hit 5 of his 7 triples in the second half and 3 absolutely monster rejections getting it done on both ends of the court.

Shawn Wise (10 points and 15 rebounds) was a man amongst boys, putting his week 1 struggles in the rearview mirror and re-establishing himself as of the top centers in the league. 

The Cambridge Rats would go on to beat PrimeTime 5.0 by double-digits despite playing reasonably well. 

Week 2 - Write Up All the Smoke VS. Can’t Miss Keramaris


Can’t Miss Keramaris came into the game missing their MVP candidate, Jacob Held. Unfortunately for All the Smoke, they would be missing their big man, Kola Olugbade, and Jamil would have to play through nagging leg injury. With Brian Horan not able to make the start of the game, All the Smoke would have to start the game with just 5 players. Can’t Miss Keramaris would jump out to an early lead on an undermanned and undersized All the Smoke team.

They jumped out to a 35-23 lead at half and never looked back. Eric Li looked like a mix of Dikembe Mutombo and Steve Nash. Eric was definitely the most impactful player on the court for the first 22 minutes. He had 4 of his 5 blocks and 5 assists in the first half and looked like he was well on his way to a triple double. He would finish the game with 14 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 5 blocks and a steal.

Mazz made All the Smoke pay when they left him open behind the arc and would finish making 7 three-pointers in the game. He would finish the game with 30 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals. This game was pretty ugly for All the Smoke from start to finish. Can’t Miss Keramaris capitalized on their bad turnovers and push the ball in transition for easy points. Jamil, Tyrone and Kashawn all would end the game with double digit points but I don’t think any of them would feel like they played well. All the Smoke was able to dig deep and rally back for a couple of minutes in the second half and cut the lead from 18 to single digits. However, they would run out of steam and lose by 18 in the end.


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5v5 Draft Awards Watch

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5v5 Draft Awards Watch - Week 1



  1. Jacob Held
  2. Marquis Victor
  3. Tyrone Mullings
  4. Rich DiSola

GM Of The Year

  1. Nick Keramaris 
  2. Jamil Ball
  3. Alex Biskelonis

Defensive Player Of The Year

  1. Eric Li
  2. Dan Schwartz 
  3. Evan Valcourt

Most Improved Player

  1. Kevin Gillooly
  2. Kola Olugbade
  3. Nika Sulakvelidze

6th Man Of The Year 

  1. Jamil Ball 
  2. Steve Rakusin
  3. Kunal Chawla

Rookie Of The Year

  1. Jon Allen
  2. Dennis Klavins
  3. Brian Horan

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5v5 Draft Week 1 Write-Ups

by Jason on


WEEK 1 (Preview)     

5/2/2023    6:30 PM    1 # The Cambridge Rats    VS.   4 # KERAMARIS MLK Jr School    

Marquis Victor is the only reason I ranked The Cambridge Rats number 1 in the Way Too Early Power Rankings. Biskelonis's team has a lot of size (Wise 6”5, Rakusin 6”2, and Schwartz 6”2) and shooting (Biskelonis, Horton, Connell, Schluns, and Victor). 

On the other hand, Team KERAMARIS has no shortage of firepower with Held, Mazz, Figuereo, and my personal favorite Eric Li. There are a lot of personalities on this team and I am very interested in seeing how they mesh.

Needless to say, I am going to give The Cambridge Rats the edge in this matchup, because they have straight-up dawgs on defense!  Marquis is absolutely going to feast offensively because there is not a single player on Team KERAMARIS that can guard him. I said, what I said! 


Wise, Schwartz, and Rakusin will dominate and control the paint. The Cambridge Rats over KERAMARIS + 6.

The Cambridge Rats - Project Starters

  1. Alex B
  2. Marquis Victor
  3. Brian Horton 
  4. Dan Schwartz 
  5. Shawn Wise

KERAMARIS - Project Starters

  1. Li 
  2. Skates 
  3. Mazz
  4. Nick K 
  5. Jacob Held


Week 1 - Write Up 1 # The Cambridge Rats    VS.   4 # KERAMARIS


I had The Cambridge Rats listed as the favorites in this matchup against Can’t Miss Keramaris, but Jacob Held (24 points, 17 rebounds, and 2 steals) was prepared to win this game himself. Jacob and company got off to a scorching start and led by as many as 10 very early on in the matchup. 

Eric Li (9 points and 6 assists) did a fantastic job defending Marquis Victor, distributing the ball, and finding teammates for easy baskets. The chemistry between Held and Keramris was the true bright spot for this squad. These two were absolutely dominant combing for 29 rebounds! 

It looked like Can’t Miss Keramaris was going to run away with this game until Jacob went down with a nasty-looking injury with a little under 7 minutes left in the second half. While finishing off the fast break, Jacob appeared to sprain his ankle pretty badly. I hope you’re ok big fellas!

Once Jacob went down, Mazz (17 points, 2 steals, and 4 assists) stepped up and filled the void offensively, but The Cambridge Rats started to mount a comeback over the phone. 

Marquis Victor struggled mightly in the first half but went nuclear when the game mattered the most. Finishing with 33 points, 13 rebounds, and 3 assists. His rebounding was just as impressive as his shooting. Eric Li did a fantastic job defensively, but the Cambridge Rats did an amazing job initiating the pick-roll offense.

Alex B (9 points and 8 rebounds) and Dan Schwartz (9 rebounds, 4 steals, and 10 rebounds) had monster games and played really well on both ends of the court. Dan's play defensively in the second half was a huge catalyst for The Cambridge Rats' comeback victory.


WEEK 1 (Preview)     

By Jamil Ball

5/2/2023    7:30 PM    6 # GILLOOLY    VS.    2 # All the Smoke MLK Jr School    

Despite original reports of a multi-week absence, Ron Cabeza will only miss one week before making his 5v5 Draft debut. Team GILLOOLY has no shortage of talent with reigning MVP Rich DiSola, Aidan Enright, and team captain Kevin Gillooly, but they are lacking a true/traditional post player with Aidan and DiSola being the tallest players on the team. 

Jonathan Allen’s play will be a huge factor in the outcome of the game. No pressure at all buddy! 

I am really excited about my team! The Tyrone Mullings and Kashawn Harrison combination is going to surprise quite a few folks. Ty was an MVP candidate last session and arguably the best guard in this league. Kashawn is an absolute lights-out shooter that will give DiSola some competition on both ends of the court. Brian Horan's profile is a pic of him throwing down a dunk with two hands, so hopefully, that translates into some on-court success. Dainis Klavins at the ripe age of 42 might be the biggest surprise, if my sources are correct. 

While the guards will dictate the pace of play, I expect Brad Myatt, Kola Olugbade, and Brian Horan to take advantage of the size advantages, as we (All the Smoke) move to 1 - 0 on the season.


All the Smoke Over GILLOOLY + 8 

GILLOOLY - Project Starters

  1. Kevin G
  2. Aidan E
  3. Jonathan Allen
  4. Rich DiSola
  5. Chris Blakeley

All the Smoke - Projected Starters

  1. Tyrone Mullings 
  2. Jamil Ball
  3. Kashawn Harrison
  4. Brian Horan 
  5. Kola Olugbade


WEEK 1 (Preview)     

By Jamil Ball

5/2/2023    8:30 PM   3 # Primetime 5.0    VS.    # 5 The Motha Effect

Motha draft strategy hit a glitch when Kevin drafted Ronnie at 7, but despite not knowing many of the players in the league he still managed to recover well. I think Jack Chen and Hamza are going to absolutely thrive playing alongside Motha and Guzzi. Nika when in attendance will be a solid contributor too! 

Primetime 5.0 will be by far one of the best defensive teams in the league. Led by Muccio, Valcourt, Danzig, Jenco and Miller my 6-place rating is looking pretty foolish at the moment. Stull, Corey, and Scotty Glynn give them three legitimate three-point threats coming off the bench, which is huge against bigger teams.

Admittedly, it’s hard to bet against Guzzi, Motha, and company but I think the defending champs pull off a close victory and prove my Way Too Early Rankings are absolutely garbage. 

Primetime 5.0  Over The Motha Effect +3.5

The Motha Effect - Projected Starters

  1. Eric Li 
  2. Jack Chen
  3. Nate Guzzi
  4. Hamza
  5. Jeff Motha


Primetime 5.0 - Projected Starters

  1. Jacob Miller
  2. Muccio 
  3. Chris Jenco 
  4. Ben Danzig 
  5. Evan Valcourt 


Week 1 - Write Up 3 # Primetime 5.0    VS.    # 5 The Motha Effect

By Jamil Ball

The defending champs Primetime 5.0 were the favorites in this matchup against The Motha Effect. This was a super physical matchup, so I imagine some folks are waking up today sore and bruised as bodies were literally flying (Jacob).

Getting to the gameplay, Primetime 5.0 jumped out to the early lead. Similar to the last session, their ball movement was impeccable and their scoring was distributed in a very balanced manner (Jacob (17), Danzig (16), Jenco (13), Muccio (11), and Valcourt (8) ) displaying their overall depth. 

The Motha Effect was slow out of the gate but got it really going in the second half. Nate Guzzi (24 points and 10 rebounds) )and Hamza Abdul (17 points and 6 rebounds) are going to be a fantastic duo as they get more comfortable playing with one another. Both are very long athletic guards that can really create transition.

Jeff Motha did a fantastic job grabbing boards (11) and facilitating the offense (4 assists) but struggled offensively with 6 points total.

Jacob Miller (17 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists) was huge down the stretch hitting back-to-back threes. To force OT! I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to piss him off, but they sure as hell lit a fire because was playing pretty passive up to that point. 

This game would go into overtime and come down to the final possession. Muccio won the game with an absolute circus shot that only Muccio would hit. Muccio was doubled-teamed and pivoted his way to a three-point heave from the left three-point wing as time expired to win by 1.


All the Smoke 73 – Victorious Secret 65

This was a back forth game from start to finish. Neither team was able to gain any separation for the first 40 minutes of play. Led by Rich’s 20-point first half, Victorious Secret would take a 3-point lead at the break. That lead would quickly be cut to 1 in the first 5 seconds of the second half with Victorious Secret defending the wrong basket. Rich kept his team close and finished the game with 36 points and 12 rebounds. Jonathan Allen would struggle to find his stroke starting the game 1-5 from 3 and finishing 2-7. Rich will score a ton of points each night but will need others to step and make baskets.

All the Smoke’s dynamic backcourt of Jamil and Tyrone led the way to an 8 point victory. Each of them would score in the 20’s and have 5 assists. After the first week, they look like the best back-court in the league. Kola would get into some foul trouble but his presence was felt while he was on the court, finishing with 10 rebounds in limited minutes.


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5v5 Draft Week 3 Write-Ups

by Jason on

Week 3 

Subject: Team Robel (63) makes light work of shorthanded Shooters Over Bigs (45)


The score is a clear and accurate indication of how this lopsided match played out. Aside from some impressive shooting from Chris Jenco (25 points, 2 steals, and 4 rebounds) early on, offense was at a premium for Ryan Glynn-led Shooters Over Bigs. 

However, their opponent Team Robel had no issue scoring the ball. Led by the consistent Tyrone Mullings (21 points, 2 steals, 2 blocks, and 7 rebounds), they were getting to the basket and scoring at will. 

In addition to Tyrone, there were some surprise contributions from two of my favorites Steve Rakusin (14 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assists) and Kevin Gillooly (11 points on 3 of 4 shooting from 3).

Steve’s (14 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assists) got Team Robel off to a hot start, with their starting center Robel Ghebremichael coming off the bench in this matchup. Let’s say there wasn’t much of a drop-off offensively. I have watched Steve play off the last three seasons and this was by far his most impressive outing. 

Kevin Gillooly (11 points on 3 of 4 shooting from 3) my friend and teammate in #SDL 4v4 can shoot the hell out of the ball, but for whatever reason, it hadn’t translated when the game matter the most, well today it did. I’d argue he probably should’ve shot more.

Needless to say, Team Robel would run away with a lopsided victory that moves them to 2 - 1 on the season, as they go into week # 4 excited about the highly anticipated debut of Nahom Brhane. 


Players of the game: 

  • Tyrone Mullings (21 points, 2 steals, 2 blocks, and 7 rebounds)
  • Steve’s Rakusin (14 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assists)


Subject: PRIMETIME 4.0 (57) stays undefeated as they hold off Hooptopia (48) to move to 3 - 0 


Admittedly, this game was never in doubt for PRIMETIME 4.0 as they start 3 - 0 for the second consecutive season. Led by Moooch (17 points and 6 Rebounds) Adam Liu (12 points and 3 steals), and Jacob Miller (15 points and 2 steals) they controlled this game from start to finish.

With two of the more physical teams in the league, this matchup obviously got a little chippy. It started with the physical defense of Adam Liu and David Thompson and that lit a fire under my guy Dan Schwartz (9 points and 12 rebounds).

PRIMETIME 4.0 combined for a mind-blowing 19 fouls, I’d argue it should’ve been more. I think Dan would agree with me, but you have to adjust and that’s what Hooptopia did in the second half. 

Ben Levin (17 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 steals) played an exceptional all-around game for Hooptopia. Not only embracing the contact but creating some of his own while dominating the block. As he in Dan Schwartz put the team on their backs as they mounted an impressive comeback. Ryan Nett played really well too with 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists. He did an amazing job facilitating the ball on a team with no shortage of weapons. 

Hooptopia efforts, Adam Liu played his best ball in the closing minutes shutting down any comeback attempts, as PRIMETIME continues to dominate against strong competition. 


Players of the game:

  • Moooch (17 points and 6 Rebounds) 
  • Adam Liu (12 points and 3 steals)


Subject: Danzig With the Stars (40) win an ugly matchup against Gear PF 


In what was by the ugliest game of the season came down to the final seconds and a huge three made by my boy Mike Garofalo (11 points, 2 steals, 2 blocks, and 5 rebounds). Aside from the game-winning shot, there weren’t many highlights. 

At the half, Danzig With the Stars led Gear PF 16 - 12. No that’s not a typo. Both teams combined for a mind-blowing 28 points. While the frustration was channeled toward the officiating crew, I’d argue the poor play was more attributable to sloppy basketball, missed layups, and lots of turnovers. 

Despite being injured, Hamza (15 points and 6 rebounds) gave it a go and was one of the lone bright spots for Gear PF who are now 0 -3 on the season. He continues to be their primary scorer. 

Surprisingly, Miguel Monclova (9 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists) has struggled to find any offensive consistency this season after being nearly unstoppable last season. I’d argue he’s best with the ball in his hands facilitating the team offense. 

Unlike Gear PF, Danzig With the Stars featured a more balanced offensive approach. They got offensive contributions from a variety of players Carlos (7 points), Held (11 points and 17 rebounds), Matt ( 8 points), and (Duff (4). Despite their struggles offensively, they found a way to convert with the game on the line.

In the final moments down 2 points, Mike G put his clutch gene on full display as he connected on a huge 3 from the top of the key that would go on to be the game-winner. This team is going to be ridiculous when Ben finally returns from injury.

This was a heck of a finish after such an ugly start. Great game fellas! 


Player of the game: 

  • Mike Garofalo (11 points, 2 steals, 2 blocks, and 5 rebounds)



Team COTE is handed their first loss of the season.


  • Player of the game: Rich Disola

    The Boston Three Party

    From the start it looked like Mazz was going to lead his team to victory once again, but things took a slight turn right before the half as The Boston Three Party began to defensively harass COTE. The overly aggressive play seemed to have them flustered and it continued the rest of the night. Johnathan Abreu made his impact in this game. His numbers don’t show it but he seemed to make every play when it was necessary for his team. Scoring 8 points 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

    Rich Disola made the biggest impact on the scoreboard with 24 points. He was clutch from three point range shooting 50%, along with Matt Johnson shooting 42%. Rich also made a commitment to crash the boards against a much larger opponent with 11 boards.

    Matt walked away with 11 points.

    Eric Li scored 9 points and shot 71% from the free throw line.

    Tim Donnelly 8 points 4 rebounds and 3 assists.

    Richard Beato only scored 3 points but I swear he’s a much better ball player than what he displayed in the game. He can actually ball, don't let the numbers fool you.

    Nika needs more play time. It seemed like he could have more of an impact but every time he got in it seemed like he was pulled out 3 minutes later. 3 points 6 rebounds.



    Mazz started off hot but then cooled off as the game went on. The collective defense of The Boston Three Party swarmed all over him. Rich got a nice block on him with some complementary trash talk at the end of it. Mazz and his teammates were getting fouled a lot especially in the beginning parts of the game. Boston Three Party had 8 team fouls in the first half. I really do think that physical play just wore them down. Mazzeo scored 22 points, while shooting 50% 5/10 from downtown.

    Evan and Jackson surely were needed in this game. I think their lack of impact on the rebounding was a contributing factor in this game. This was low for Evan who normally gets about 10 rebounds a game. Both players combined for 8 points and 17 rebounds (Jackson 11 rebounds total).

    Liam played like his usual self out there scoring 14 points and shooting 42% from long distance.

    Jamil the floor general came back to life scoring 9 points 4 rebounds and shooting perfect from the free throw line. Not his normal self but he’s playing with some injuries.

    Aidan Enright scored 4 points. His lack of scoring was definitely an impact in this game. He’ll be ready for the next game.



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5v5 Draft Week 2 Write-Ups

by Jason on




Subject: Hooptopia destroys short staffed Shooters Over Bigs squad 

This was the first of two lopsided matches on the night.

Hooptopia would get off to a ridiculous start led by Dan Schwartz. Dan started the game on fire! Scoring 8 consecutive points as Hooptopia jumped out to the early lead, this included back-to-back threes and they made quick work of the understaffed Shooters Over Bigs squad. 

Hooptopia looked like they’re building some team chemistry after a disastrous season opener. 

On the other hand, Ryan Glynn led Shooters Over Bigs is battling despite being significantly understaffed. They were able to assemble 4 of their regulars, but it wasn’t going to be enough of this match-up as Hooptopia was taking no prisoners. 

With three minutes left in the first half, Hooptopia led 31 - 13, as their lead continues to balloon. Focusing on the positives, Ben Levin (6 points, 2 blocks, and 3 rebounds ) has been absolutely balling in his season debut. Give that man the rock! 

At the half, Hooptopia dominated their competition leading by 27 (40-13). Ryan (10 points and 5 rebounds) and Dan (15 and 10 rebounds). Overall it’s been a total team effort, especially on defense. 

Van Wert (2 steals), Christian (2 steals) Andre (2blocks), and Ben (2 blocks) have created havoc defensively. Their team defense has led to easy baskets in transition which has blown the gates of this game, to say the least.

Players of the game:

  • Dan Schwartz - Dan had a monster game. He was a problem for Shooters Over Bigs all night! 
  • Ryan Nett - Ryan had a fantastic all-around game and will only get better as his squad builds more chemistry. 




Subject: Primetime 4.0 destroys ROBEL in a late-night matchup 

Both teams came into this matchup undefeated, Primetime 4.0 would have the last laugh in what was a pretty uneventful matchup. Led by suffocating defense Primetime 4.0 would jump out to a very early lead. 

The Primetime 4.0 roster is DEEP and tonight would be the Admin Liu (19 points, 2 steals, and 7 rebounds) show. Admittedly, this game was a bit more physical than I am accustomed to, but you have to adjust to the officiating and Adan Liu did just that. 

For Team Robel, Tyrone Mullings continued to be the only consistent offense for them. His 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists led the way for them. Aside from Ty, their other primary scorers X (Xavier Abreu) and Musse Kassa really struggled to find any offensive consistency. 

Robel was able to score 9 points to go along with 3 trays, 4 blocks, and 8 rebounds. He continues to draw double and triple teams, but with his team struggling from beyond the arc it didn’t really translate into easy offense on his kick outs. 

Primetime 4.0 would take a 29 - 21 lead into the half and never looked back. Jacob Miller (13 points, 4 steals, and 10 rebounds) struggled mightily in the first half, but got it going in the second half. This dude can really hoop whether he has the shot going or not! 

My favorite interaction of the night was the battle between David Thompson and Cameron Daniel. These are literally two of the nicest guys in the world and they we’re in a heated physical battle. It’s nice to see these guys bring out the best in each other! 

This game would end in a blow victory for Primetime 4.0 as they continue to prove the doubters wrong with their second consecutive blowout win.

Players of the game:

  • Manny Sutton - I don’t think Manny actually had to try in this game, but still ended up with 12 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 steal. The depth of this team is ridiculous. 
  • Adam Liu - Adam's defense set the tone for his team's victory. Along with Mooch, David Thompson, and Jacob Miller, they combined for 9 steals. 
  • Jacob Miller - Despite the tough shooting night, Jacob’s commitment to defense and finding open teammates made a huge difference!




Subject: The Boston Three Party continues to tempt fate in a win

The Boston Three Party was totally out of sync at to start of the game. Between the missed layups, turnovers, and airballs they didn’t resemble the team that won impressively in week 1. 

For Danzig With the Stars, Jacob Held (14 points, 4 steals, 27 rebounds) and Mike Garofalo (21 points, 3 steals, and 8 rebounds) duo continues to impress. They were literally unstoppable on both ends of the court. 

Danzig With the Stars led 28 - 20 going into the half, but the Boston Three Party proved no lead is safe after as they mounted a furious comeback for the second consecutive week. 

Led by Rich DiSola (17 points, 3 steals, and 10 rebounds) The Boston Three Party got it going in the second half. In addition to Rich, Jonathan Abreu (10 points and 11 rebounds), Eric Li (7 points and 5 rebounds), and Richard Beato ( 7 points, 2 steals, and 6 rebounds) hit clutch shot after clutch shot.

In the closing minutes of the game, both teams would trade baskets as the score remained close. Carlos Cruz’s (8 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists)  free throws on a very questionable foul would tie the game with seconds left in regulation.

For the second week in a row, The Boston Three Party led by Rich DiSola called the game with little to no time left on the shot clock. Rich scored the game-winning basket after collecting an offensive rebound on his own missed shot. 

Matty J may have struggled from three, but he did a heck of a job coaching and guiding his team to victory. 

Players of the game:

  • Jonathan Abreu - Jonathan is not a center, but did a heck of a job guarding Jacob Held which isn’t an easy task for anyone. He struggled early on but found his rhythm when they needed him the most. 
  • Rich DiSola - There’s no question that the Splash King has the clutch DNA. His player rating would be through the roof if this was 2K. Just give that man the ball and let him cook dammit!  


Mazz leads the way.


Player of the game: Nick Mazzeo


Nick came out firing in the beginning of this game, but then Monclova started playing pestering defense midway through the game. Mazz managed to hit big shots throughout the game that seemed to always put a dagger in the hearts of Gear PF despite all of their efforts. Mazz lead all scorers with 23 points and was clutch from long distance shooting 50% 5/10.

Mazz partner in crime Liam Corrigan showed up as usual with 11 points and 2 steals.

Aidan Enright came up big time this game with 12 points and was nailing his shots from 3 going 2/4.

Evan Valcourt was a force on the boards again with 12. He needs to take his time and make himself more of a presence when he sees a smaller defender on him.

Jamil was a force defensively with 3 steals and 9 defensive rebounds.


Gear PF:

What can I say they fought and played hard in the paint. Their constant acting of the offensive glass is what made them stay in this game. A team total of (17) WoW! Impressive. David, Brad and Deron just kept on fighting and giving this team second chances offensively.

Todd Dowrey was hitting the mid-range shot. He scored 14 points 2/5 for three point land.

Miguel Monclava stepped up big time defensively using his height and size to cause Mazz fits and impeded his progress to some degree. If it weren’t for him switching defensively this game would’ve been a whole lot different. Mazz probably would’ve scored 30 something. Miguel scored 10 points and had 5 rebounds.

Both David Dias and Deron Hines combined for 12 points 16 rebounds. They were both aggressive attacking the offensive glass.

Hamza Abdul was completely off, and I do mean off. 0/9 from 3-point range. He was a force on the boards though 13 rebounds and made himself a presence defensively with 4 steals.

Henry Morales scored 4 points, 6 rebounds and 1 steal.



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5v5 Draft Power Rankings - Week 2

by Jason on


5v5 Draft Week # 2 Power Rankings:

8 # Shooters Over Bigs - looked completely overmatched against their week 1 opponent. I don’t want to overreact to the loss itself, but it’s how they lost that concerns me. They have no shortage of talent, but Jonah Feldman is going to need help offensively.

7 # Hooptopia - After getting out to a fast start, Hooptopia struggled mightily to generate any offense. I don’t want to overreact to a poor outing in week 1, but their ability to attend with the top-tier teams will be dependent on how productive Ben Levin can be in his debut. The good thing for Christian and company is Ryan Nett is the real deal. That dude can shoot the rock and score in multiple ways. 

6 # Robel - Team Robel is the second biggest drop in my week 2 Power Rankings. How does a team drop 5 spots after winning their opening matchup? Because of parity in the league. I’d argue 3 - 6 is interchangeable. I imagine, if Tyrone showed up before halftime they would have won going away. They’re still not fully staffed, but they are 100% a contender I have no doubt. 

5 # Danzig With the Stars - Jacob Held played out of his mind and they lost a heartbreaker without Danzig. I’m sure they’re looking forward to the rematch and admittedly, so aren’t we (COTE). I came into the season with a lot of questions about their supporting cast and they’ve proven to be reliable productive players. Carlos Cruz will be in contention for a draft steal when it’s all said and done. 

4 # COTE - Yeah, we’re rising in the Power Rankings despite our ugly week 1 win. We have a tough matchup against The Boston Three Party this week, but I am confident that our team can compete against any team in the league due to our ability to defend at a high level. Cote has been a superb balanced leader and rookies Daniel Hasegawa and Aidan Enright will only get better. 

3 # Primetime 4.0 - When you beat a team by 21 points while missing your first-round pick you’re putting the league on notice. Jacob Miller AKA Luka has to be the steal of the draft. This dude can straight-up hoop. Looking forward to seeing what he and my boy Manny Sutton can do together. 

2 # Gear PF - Admittedly, this is a sandbag special, but we’ve moved past that, right? Hamza Abdul is the real deal and will battle it out with Rich DiSola for MVP honors when it’s all said and done. The week one statistics are misleading because everyone on this team can hoop. 

1 # The Boston Three Party - This team should have been called “Fully Loaded”. They are stacked and primed to make a championship run. Matty J has done it again and produced another contender. 

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5v5 Draft Week 1 Write-Ups

by Jason on


Robel vs Hooptopia 

By Jamil Ball

Subject: Team Robel uses a furious comeback to defeat Hooptopia 

After what seemed like an eternity, the 5v5 Draft Winter session opening night is finally here and it wouldn’t disappoint. Team Robel vs Hooptopia set the tone for a super competitive week 1. 

To start the season, I had Team Robel # 1 in my way-too-early rankings, and despite getting off to a slow start, they rounded into shape when Tyrone Mullings (12 points, 3 steals, and 4 rebounds) showed up at halftime. 

Hooptopia led by Ryan Nett got out to a hot start on both ends of the floor, jumping out to an 8 - 0 lead. Ryan (13 points, 2 steals, 2 blocks, and 8 rebounds) led the way for Hooptopia offensively. Despite the hot start, they struggled mightily to convert on the offensive end. 

Defensively, they had no answer for Robel (4 blocks and 12 rebounds). The stats do not reflect the overall impact he had on the game. His ability to draw double teams led to easy wide-open baskets for his teammates and they made them pay in the second half. 

Kevin, Cameron, and Musse were the primary benefactors and hit some huge shots, as they recovered from a slow start to pull away in the closing minutes. Last but not least, there’s Xavier (X) who struggled from beyond the arc, but was the team's second-leading scorer with 10 points.

As X and Tyrone build chemistry and get into basketball shape, their potential is going to be unlimited in a guard-dominated league. I am super excited to see this team progress as we get later into the season.

Despite suffering the loss, Andre Jones (7 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block) had a block that would’ve been featured on ESPN’s top 10 plays of the night. He blocked a shot by literally snatching it out of the air with one hand. I have been covering league games for a long time and admittedly, I have never seen a block that impressive! Shoutout to Dre! 

Players of the game:

  • Robel Ghebremichael - His defense propelled this team to victory. 
  • Ryan Nett - The # 2 Draft Pick, showed off a fantastic jump and played extremely well. I expect him to be more dominant as the season continues. 


COTE 52 vs DANZING With the Stars 45

by Andre Jones

Player of the game: Nick Mazzeo


Nick Mazzeo was on point as usual with 19 points shooting 40% from 3. His late 3 point shot in Overtime pretty much sealed the deal.

Jackson Cote started off hot and was causing Jacob Held fits on the defensive end but eventually got into foul trouble and fouled out. Scored 9 points and had 10 rebounds.

Liam Corrigan struggled for a bit but still managed to come away with 10 points.

Despite Jamil’s off night from 3 0/6. He still showed great leadership and defensive poise. He got fouled several times from his opponent Matt but no calls, a lot of hand checking. Scored 4 points with 6 assists.

Evan Valcourt was an absolute monster on the boards with 14.

DANZING With the Stars:

No Danzing really hurt this team but Jacob Held kept them close and helped put this team in contention to win. His scoring is what made this game go into Overtime. Jacob came away with 23 points and 22 rebounds and 4 blocks. He was a monster once he got Jackson Cote into foul trouble. Would’ve clearly been awarded player of the game if it weren't for his team losing.

Mike Garafolo scored 10 points and helped a lot with his physical play style. Shot the ball a lot and I do mean a lot.

Matthew Lewis showed up big with 2 clutch 3 point shots that shorten the lead going into the stretch of the 4 quarter helping his team go into Overtime. His overly physical play on Jamil is what kept the game close in my opinion. 

Once Ben gets back I believe DANZING With the Stars will be good to go.


Gear PF VS The Boston Three Party

By Jamil Ball

Subject: Boston Three Party upset Gear PF in double OT 

Game 2 was by far the most exciting game of the night. This matchup would future Gear PF and BostonThree Party, the top 2 teams in my Week 2 Power Rankings. Coming into the matchup, I was anxious to see the draft mystery man Hamza Abdul (27 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 steals) and he did not disappoint. 

Hamza would go on to lead all scores with 27 points. He shot 6 of 14 from beyond the arc, which was an impressive 42%, and hit big shot after big shot to keep his team within reach. His play was complemented by Corey Fein who connected on 4 threes of his own. Did I mention Corey shot 57% from three? I know it’s too early for a splash brothers comparison, but they were electric during the first week of the season. 

The Boston Three Party was equally impressive. This team is DEEP! Led by Rich DiSola’s team-high 22 points, 20 rebounds, and 2 blocks. They had 3 other players score double-digits (Beato, J. Abreu, and Matty J). 

Matty, Jonathan, and Beato shot the ball extremely well from deep combing for 11 made three-pointers on 16 attempts which equates to 69%. If they shot so well, why was this game so close? Because both of these teams are fucking good. 

The Hamza and DiSola matchup grew more entertaining as the game went out. The banter and commentary left all in attendance entertained. After going into double OT DiSola would get the last laugh, but I have no doubt Hamza is looking forward to their next matchup. 

Needless to say, with so many rookies on both sides I had no idea what to expect, but they all played extremely well and they’ll only get better as the season progresses. For Boston Three Party Nika, Matthew, and Eric look like complete studs. They all outplayed their draft slots and performed well when called upon. 

Gear PF featured 4 rookies, Deron, David, Henry, and Hamza played extremely well together. Their unselfishness and defensive intensity will be the reason, this team is one of the top teams in the league when it’s all said and done.

Players of the game:

  • Rich DiSola - Rich continues to get better every time I see him play. Despite being down in the closing minutes, his confidence never wavered as he lead his team to victory. If I had to choose an MVP today, he’d be my choice. Very impressive game my guy! 
  • Hamza Abdul - He played an outstanding game and is on my shortlist for MVP. 


Primetime 4.0 vs Shooters Over Bigs

By Jamil Ball

Subject: Primetime finally looks like a contender, as they destroy Shooters Over Bigs

Despite a fantastic night for Jonah Feldman (18 points, 1 steal, 2 blocks, and 8 rebounds) there weren’t many highlights on the night for Shooters Over Bigs. They were completely outclassed by a very motivated and focused Primetime 4.0.

Jacob “Luka” Miller’s 26 points and 5 rebounds on 60% shooting from beyond the arc set the tone for this game early on. Despite being without the 5th overall pick Manny Sutton, Primetime 4.0 jumped out to an early double-digit lead fueled by their defense. 

Rookies Adam Liu (9 points) and Eric Tung (10 points) created havoc by playing suffocating defense and forcing multiple turnovers that led to easy offensive baskets. Veterans Nick Keramaris, John Muccio, and Scott Glynn contributed significantly on the defensive end. 

This team has skyrocketed to # 3 in my week 2 power rankings and the best is yet to come. Next week’s matchup against Team Robel will be an opportunity for them to put the league on notice. 

I know the night didn’t go as expected Shooters Over Bigs, but on the bright side, rookies Alex Yuen (9 points and 9 rebounds) and Alejandro Osorio (9 points and 9 rebounds) looked extremely impressive on both ends of the court.

I have to say, I am extremely impressed with every rookie this season. The quality of the player, skill level, and character are a welcomed addition to this league. 

Players of the game:

  • Jacob Miller - Jacob “Luka” Miller was impressive on both ends of the court. He’s certainly entered the MVP conversation with his fantastic play. 
  • Adam Liu - Adam’s number doesn’t jump out at you, but he played so well on both ends of the court. I have a feeling, by the season's end, he will be one of my favorite players in this league. That kind of energy and effort is contagious. 


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5v5 Draft Winter 23 Draft Recap & Way Too Early Power Rankings

by Jason on

Way Too Early Power Rankings!


The 5v5 Winter 23 draft has commenced, so it’s time for the Way Too Early Power Rankings.

There was no shortage of disappointment and controversy, as Player Requests (Demands) continued to dominate the pre-draft discussions. With that said, some other highlights include: 

  • Dowrey and Miguel successfully orchestrated their plot to draft 3 of their friends. Dowrey is claiming innocence, but I’ll be the judge of that. 
  • Van Wert and Garofalo were denied the opportunity to play together for the second consecutive season. I’m thinking one of them should be a captain to avoid this outcome next session.
  • Musse and Robel got their boy Nah Berhand. He will be in the running for Rookie of the Session. 
  • Danzig is a hell of a captain, who would’ve thought? He didn’t just talk about wanting to play with Held, he trades up to # 3 and left no room for chance. There’s going to be the best big-man duo in the league. 
  • Despite my effort to tank my draft, Jackson drafted me and Andre stepped up to cover my games and ultimately save the day. Thanks, Dre! You are very much appreciated. 

Needless to say, there was no shortage of excitement and I am looking forward to seeing what all these new guys can do. 

Moving on, here are your Winter 2023 pre-season Power Rankings.

Way Too Early Power Rankings

8. GLYNN (Shooters Over Bigs)

Despite my last-place ranking, I do not doubt that Ryan’s team has the potential to finish in the upper echelon of the league. There are a lot of unknowns here, but my biggest concern is their lack of size. 

Feldman is a scrappy baller, who plays well bigger than his 6”2 frame. Brian Horton has some size and can assist with matchups against bigger teams, but this does have the potential to be a challenge for them. 

With that said, this team will be in contention when it’s all said and done. 

Projected Starting 5 

  1. Feldman, F. Horton, F. Jenco, G. Biskelonis, and G. Ryan Glynn

Draft Grades

  • 6 – Feldman A+ – Jonah Feldman was the highest-rated player in the draft, so getting him at 6 was an absolute no-brainer. 
  • 11 – Horton A – Brian is a very capable scorer and was an absolute no-brainer with the 11th pick. 
  • 22 – Biskelonis A – Alex is a skilled point guard that will hit open shots and facilitate the offense. Based on the other players available at 22, I think he was the best fit for this team. 
  • 27 – Jenco B – My grade here has nothing to do with Jenco, but I would’ve loved to see them draft some size to compliment Jonah here. Jenco is a two-way player capable of rebounding and scoring consistently.
  • 38 – Rivadeniero A  – Carlos has the potential to be a double-digit scorer off the bench. Coming off a stellar season in the over-30 league, I’m interested to see what he can do as he transitioned to a 5v5 league. 
  • 43 – Yuen A – Alex Yuen has the potential to be the steal of the draft. Potent 3-point shooter and a very capable scorer. How the hell did he fall to 43? 
  • 54 – Ng A – Big Gunz has been working out three days per week and is ready to battle. Let’s fucking go! 

7. MUCCIO (Primetime 4.0)

Mooch did a fantastic job drafting this team. My rankings have more to do with the parity in the league and absolutely nothing to do with the overall potential for the team to outperform their initial rankings. 

Sutton at # 5 was an absolute no-brainer for me. This dude is an absolute mismatch in the post. He and Nick Keramaris make for an interesting pairing, but a fantastic strategy. Unlike most big men, they do not occupy the same space.

To round out the lineup, Mooch drafted Thompson who fantastic point guard that is at his best when he’s playing aggressively. Overall, this was Mooch’s best draft in multiple seasons and I would not be surprised if this team outplays their rankings. 

Projected Starting 5 

  1. Keramaris, F. Sutton, F. Mooch, G. Liu, and G. Thompson

Draft Grades

  • 5 Sutton A+ – I believe Manny was one of the top players in this draft. Getting him at 5 was a no-brainer. 
  • 12 Keramaris B – Admittedly, I have some questions about Nick’s fit here. Nick is a fantastic defender and rebounder, I wonder after last season’s offensive struggles if Mooch should have targeted a scorer at 12. 
  • 21 Thompson A – This was a huge value pick. David went 10th overall last session, so getting him at 21 was an absolute no-brainer. 
  • 28 Liu C+ – Hard to gauge how effective Adam will be in this league. He averaged 11 PPG in a super competitive B2 5v5 league last session, but his team went 0 – 9 and averaged a 13-point loss, so does it really matter? 
  • 37 Tung A – Getting a 3-point sharpshooter at 37 is a savvy move, no arguing Eric will be a draft steal. 
  • 44 S. Glynn A – The real “Glynn” Scott was relatively quiet last season. After back-to-back championship seasons, his team failed to make it out of the first round. I do not doubt that Scott will make teams pay once again for passing on him. 
  • 53 Miller C – I’m grading the shitty rookie bio. Why join a draft league and give captains absolutely no details? 

6. Cote (TBD)

Heading into the draft, I didn’t think there was any chance in hell, that Mazz and I would end up on the same team. Clearly, Jackson had other plans. I understand Mazz at 4, but I think I was a reach at 13. 

Defensively, my team has a lot of potential. Led by Valcourt, Corrigan, and fearless leader, Jackson Cote, we have the potential for something special. 

The offensive end is where my concerns lie. This isn’t 4v4 and Mazz is not going to average 30+ PPG. Who else is going to step up and score?  Enright and Hasegawa will be the wildcards. If one of them can average double-digits I like our chances against any team in this league. 

Projected Starting 5 

  1. Jackson, F. Valcourt, F. Corrigan, G. Mazz, and G. Ball

Draft Grades

  • 4 Mazz A – Mazz was the perfect pick for Jackson at 4. The big man isn’t much of an offensive threat, but he’s an incredible defender and rebounder. Who better to kick out to than Mazz waiting for a wide-open three-point shot? 
  • 13 Ball C+ – Admittedly, I think drafting me at 13th was a stretch, but Mazz can’t pass the ball to himself, right? Hopefully, Andre keeps track of all my assists. 
  • 20 Enright A – I am excited about Aidan’s potential. His ability to hoop might make or break our season. 
  • 29 Corrigan A+ – Liam’s stats do him no justice. He’s a fantastic defender that is more than capable offensively. Liam and Mazz will have plenty of chemistry based on their familiarity. 
  • 34 Valcourt A+ – Multiple teams were trying to trade for him and then my captain pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Evan has consistently been one of the top defenders and rebounders in this league for multiple sessions. I am ecstatic that he’s on my team. 
  • 41 Hasegawa B – Sounds like he’s going to be a fantastic defender. I am looking forward to hooping with him. 
  • 52 Zeng C+ – “Center trapped in a point guard body”? I am not sure how I feel about this, but I’m looking forward to hooping with you Regardless.  


This team has unlimited potential. Christian did a fantastic job drafting one of the deepest teams in the league. I love the trio of Nett, Levin, and Schwartz. Van Wert at 36 gives BALCERZAK one of the biggest and deepest teams in the league.

What’s missing? A Point guard. Who will quarterback all this assembled talent? I can Andre Jones playing a significant role on this team. Kyle and Patrick were draft steals at 45th and 47th. I think they will drive on this team. 

Projected Starting 5 

  1. Nett, F. Schwartz, F. Levin, G. Jones, and G. Schluns 

Draft Grades

  • 2 Nett A+ – I had Nett ranked as the # 2 player in this draft. What’s not to like about a former D3 basketball player? 
  • 15 Levin A+ – Taking a flyer on Ben brilliant. I think he’s going to be a difference-maker on this team and in this league. 
  • 18 Schwartz A+ – Dan Schwartz is one of the top players and defenders in this league. I can’t believe he was available at 18! 
  • 31 Jones A – Andre is coming off a fantastic season. His game-winning buzzer-beater was one of his many highlights and I look for him to build upon that success. 
  • 36 Van Wert A  – I do not doubt that Van Wert will outplay his draft position. I know he wanted to play with Mike G, but his pairing with former teammate Andre should make it a little more bearable. 
  • 45 Aspell A+ – Patrick was absolutely amazing during our championship run last season. He has now participated in and won back-to-back championships. Could there be a third in his future?
  • 47 Schluns A+ – Kyle is going thrive being surrounded by talented high IQ players. Perfect fit for him. 

4. Dowrey (Gear PF)

I honestly don’t know what to expect from this team, but the fact they assembled B2 team in a draft league, I have doubts they’ll be one of the better teams in the league. 

Projected Starting 5 

  1. Monclova, F. Myatt, F. Abdul, G. Morales, and G. Dowrey

Draft Grades

  • 8 Monclova A – 6”2 point guard with the 8th pick. Doesn’t get much better than that. 
  • 9 Abdul A+ – 35% shooter from beyond the arc? Between him and Miguel this team is going to have no shortage of firepower. 
  • 19 Morales A – Todd wanted to hoop with him, so I am assuming he’s good. 
  • 30 Remy B+ – Remy gives them some much-needed depth at the guard spot and provides fantastic three-point shooting, 
  • 35 Fein A – The three-point marksman himself. Corey is coming off a fantastic season and his ability to shoot the three-point well is going to make this team even more dynamic than it already is. 
  • 46 Myatt A – I was really hoping to hoop with Brad this season. He’s a solid big man that stretches the floor with his midrange game. This team lacked size, so being able to draft Brad 46 was crucial. 
  • 51 Dias A – Dias at 51 was a steal. I have no idea why he fell so low, but I have doubt teams are going to regret passing on him.  

3. Danzig (Danzig with the Star)

Danzig assembled the best starting 5 in the league. The combination of Held, Danzig, and Garofalo is going to be nearly impossible to stop. Most teams struggled to assemble 2 bigs, Danzig messed around and drafted 3. 

If this team is that talented, why did I rank them # 3? Because I have some serious questions about their depth. If they are able to get consistent production from Mukalel, Duff, and Quan, Danzig and company have to be one of the top teams in the league. 

Projected Starting 5 

  1. Held, F. Danzig, F. Garofalo, G. Cruz, and G. Lewis 

Draft Grades

  • 3 Held A+ – Held is one of the most skilled players in this league. He and Danzig together will be one of the top duos in this league. 
  • 14 Garofalo A+ – Mike is coming off a monster season. He continues to be underrated, but it worked out perfectly because he landed on a loaded team. 
  • 24 Cruz A – Solid rookie profile, looks like he’ll be a core player on this team. 
  • 25 Lewis A – Solid rookie profile, looks like he’ll be a core player on this team. 
  • 40 Mukalel B+ – Amal at 40 was a solid pick. What he lacks in talent, he makes up for in effort. He has consistently gotten better each session, so I know his best is yet to come. 
  • 50 Duff B – I love Duff’s potential! I was hoping to hoop with him, but my captain made an executive decision to trade him away. 
  • 56 Quan A – Chao’s Player Rating continues to be deceiving. He has consistently played well in the biggest game and will be a productive member of this team without a doubt. 

2. JOHNSON (Shooters Over Bigs)

Led by Matty J and DiSola, this squad is going to be extremely difficult to guard. They are ridiculously deep 1 – 8. 

Tim, Matty, Beato, and DiSola will pace them offensively but don’t Jonathan Abreu, he is a more than capable scorer. Admittedly, I do have concerns about their lack of size and that could prove to be troublesome, but as long as they score more than the other team they have a chance. 

With that said, I expect them to be one of the league’s top teams, and I am excited to see how this plays out. 

Projected Starting 5 

  1. Sulakvelidze, F. J Abreu, F. DiSola, G. Johnson, and G. Donnelly

Draft Grades

  • 1 DiSola A – Rich is coming off a championship MVP-worthy season. There’s no question that he’s the number one player in this draft and Matty surrounded him with a ton of talent. 
  • 16 Donnelly B+ – Tim is one of the best two-way players in the league when he’s in attendance. Tim, Matty, Beato, and DiSola will be the top three-point shooting team in the league. 
  • 17 Sulakvelidze A – Getting 6’4″ 200 rookie at 17 was a great value pick. This team is devoid of a true big man, so Nika, Jonathan, and Disola will have to step up! 
  • 32 Beato A+ – Beato is going to get buckets in this league. This dude should’ve gone ahead of me. The fact that Matty got him at 32 is obnoxious. 
  • 33 J Abreu A+ – Jonathan at 33 was a steal. He’s a very capable player on both ends of the court and provides Matty with so much-needed size. 
  • 48 Li B+ – The rookie had a solid bio and adds depth to Matty’s ridiculous embarrassment of riches. 
  • 49 Lambalot B+ – Another solid rookie that played at a high level. This team is absolutely stacked and primed for success. 


Robel and Musse assembled a ridiculous team that is posed to be one of the top teams in the league Berhanu eventually makes his debut. 

The combination of Mullings and X might just be the best backcourt in the league on both ends of the floor. Berhanu is going to give them a 3-headed monster and we can’t forget the big dawg himself Robel. 

Add Musse, Kevin, Steve, and Cameron into the mix and you have one hell of a team. 

Projected Starting 5 

  1. Robel, F. Rakusin, G. X, G, Berhanu, and G. Mullings

Draft Grades

  • 7 Mullings A+ – Solid point guard that will pace his team offensively. Perfect pairing with X and Robel. This team is going to be very entertaining to watch. 
  • 10 X A+ – X is coming off a monster 5v5 Draft session. I love the pairing of him, Berhanu, and Tyrone. This squad is very reminiscent of Robel’s Championship bound squad. Team name suggestion, Championship Won? 
  • 23 Berhanu A+ – From my understanding, Nah might end up being the steal of the draft. This team is stacked. 
  • 26 Musse A – Musse isn’t Musse yet, but he looks more comfortable in every game. I’m excited to have him in the league and 
  • 39 Gillooly A – Kevin when left open can make teams pay from beyond the arc. Surrounded by all this talent, Kevin is going to absolutely thrive offensively.
  • 42 Rakusin A – Steve was a great selection to play with the big dawg. Steve is a fantastic rebounder and defender, but offensively he stretches the floor as a very capable 3-point shooter. 
  • 55 Cameron A – Cameron at 55 is a serious draft steal. He is the reason this is one of the deepest teams in the league.

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